Leonardo da Vinci was one of the greatest thinkers, inventors, artists and innovators of recorded history - if not the greatest.

Yet he was called a bastard by the religious ones of his society, because his parents did not have the official permission of the priests to perform the natural and necessary act of sexual union. This holy condemnation denied him the right of the traditional, classical education of his day that he would otherwise have had, and this gave him a supreme advantage over others of his society - it left him free of most of the fetters of traditional mental conditioning.


He himself said he had to use his own thoughts because, not being educated, he did not know what he was supposed to think. 


What a beautiful gift it would have been for all of us, if we hadn't had our thinking done for us, prepared for us, mostly before we were born - if we therefore didn't know what we were supposed to think, or to believe - if our minds had not been conditioned and caged, but allowed to fly free as a bird. Leonardo used to purchase caged birds, then take them from the cage and throw them into the air and let them go free. He said they were designed and born to fly free. And so is our capacity of thought. In that way lies inspiration - and in that way only.


It is a fact that cage birds, after having been confined for years, are usually very reluctant to leave the cage, even when the door is left wide open. They often remain inside - afraid to venture out, afraid of freedom. They feel much more secure within their confining environment, safe with the imprisonment they are familiar with. They have never flown and they are afraid to attempt to fly. Freedom can be frightening for them.


And so it is with human beings. Their conditioning is all-embracing: they know nothing else, and what they don't know, are not familiar with, they are afraid of. If it is not already open, the understanding of the words presented here will open the door of your prison. Are you afraid to fly free? If you miss this opportunity you may have to wait a very long time indeed before you find the cage door open once more: there are many champions of the old established ways and traditions who will be more than willing to slam it shut for you. It is in their interests that you remain a prisoner.


I do not want you to come out and fly free. I do not want you to remain within your prison. I merely want you to have the free choice to do either. And you cannot have free choice unless you have the alternative way presented to you. I now present it to you. I neither gain nor lose by the choice you make. I have no vested interests, either way. I am satisfied merely that you now have the opportunity to choose. That is the purpose of this script. What you do with that opportunity does not concern me - it is solely a matter between you and your Higher Self.

Choose wisely.


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