Little Island


Little Island feeling lonely,

Looking round to left and right,

Seeing others in the distance,

Even continents in sight.

See the sunlight on the water,

How it dances on the waves,

Prevents the sight from seeing further,

In a dazzling way behaves.

Little island feeling lonely,

How it wishes to be free,

Free to join and be with others,

Separated by the sea.

Forget the dazzle on the surface,

Look with insight deeper down,

In the cool depths all around you,

Until the base of all is found.

Little Island now is happy,

Knowing it is part of all,

Seeing deeply and more clearly,

Not bedazzled now at all.

We are all such little islands,

Joined beneath a troubled sea.

No need ever to feel lonely,

I’m part of you – you’re part of me.

Bill Dawson - 1977